Keep your sub secure with our selection of fine locks, sized to be compatible with our restraint accessories. Our hardware accessories and adapters can expand your toy's abilities so you get the most out of your favorite piece.

Locks and Hardware

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    Sku: TF2809
    MSRP: $14.00
      Sku: AE136
      MSRP: $22.50
        Sku: AD877
        MSRP: $10.80
          Sku: AD457
          MSRP: $8.67
            Sku: AC771
            MSRP: $11.00
              Sku: SP035
              MSRP: $4.00
                Sku: SP025
                MSRP: $4.00
                  Sku: KV145
                  MSRP: $4.50
                    Sku: VF890
                    MSRP: $5.60

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