Erotic art comes to life.

Tom of Finland’s homoerotic fetish art has aroused the world for 60 years, influencing gay culture with highly stylized depictions of hyper-masculinity. Now men can take a piece of the Tom of Finland world to bed, with an exclusive line of quality pleasure tools inspired by his iconic images. Encompassing solo and couples’ products, this collection features exciting and unique takes on essentials such as cock rings, lubricants, oversized dildos, and bondage gear. As a special gift, each Tom of Finland Pleasure Tool also includes its own exclusive, collectible art print by Tom of Finland. A portion of proceeds benefit the Tom of Finland Foundation, dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting erotic art.

Tom of Finland

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    Sku: TF1268
    MSRP: $69.96
      Sku: TF5946
      MSRP: $54.95
        Sku: TF1915
        MSRP: $79.99
          Sku: TF1858
          MSRP: $122.86
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            MSRP: $56.30
              Sku: TF5944
              MSRP: $56.30
                Sku: TF1791
                MSRP: $71.64
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                  MSRP: $35.84
                    Sku: TF6793
                    MSRP: $71.66
                      Sku: TF2603
                      MSRP: $51.20
                        Sku: TF3654
                        MSRP: $137.10
                          Sku: TF3340
                          MSRP: $113.30
                            Sku: TF1339
                            MSRP: $89.66
                              Sku: TF1341
                              MSRP: $31.64
                                Sku: XR927-Tof
                                MSRP: $0.00
                                  Sku: TF1566
                                  MSRP: $68.56
                                    Sku: TF1564
                                    MSRP: $77.00
                                      Sku: TF1137
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                                        Sku: TF3157
                                        MSRP: $26.40
                                          Sku: TF1373
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