A pro state of play.

Probe your inner cravings with a collection of male toys that is dedicated to prostate stimulation! Prostatic Play encompasses penetrating cock rings, targeting dildos, and vibrating anal plugs that elevate men’s sexual experiences to unexplored territory. Each device is ergonomically designed for the ultimate pleasure using premium materials that insert smoothly, stimulate comfortably, and clean easily.

Prostatic Play

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    Sku: AE390
    MSRP: $25.76
      Sku: AE611
      MSRP: $19.56
        Sku: AE520
        MSRP: $72.00
          Sku: AE425
          MSRP: $41.20
            Sku: AE416
            MSRP: $42.44
              Sku: AE430
              MSRP: $40.00
                Sku: AE428
                MSRP: $42.44
                  Sku: AE421
                  MSRP: $53.04
                    Sku: AE356
                    MSRP: $26.54
                      Sku: AE389
                      MSRP: $20.60
                        Sku: AD586
                        MSRP: $43.26

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