Built For Men.

Specializing in male pleasure, the Trinity Men line of pleasure products offers a vast selection of internal and external stimulators that are designed with a man’s anatomy in mind. Perfect for beginners, these essential grab-and-go items offer an affordable price point and clean packaging, to make epic sexual sensations accessible to all.

Trinity Men

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71 products found

    Sku: AA548
    MSRP: $5.66
      Sku: VF895
      MSRP: $51.50
        Sku: RM389-Blue
        MSRP: $13.40
          Sku: RM389-Black
          MSRP: $13.40
            Sku: RM393
            MSRP: $15.40
              Sku: VF889
              MSRP: $5.60
                Sku: VF888
                MSRP: $12.46
                  Sku: RM382
                  MSRP: $44.56
                    Sku: AA597
                    MSRP: $5.66
                      Sku: AA278
                      MSRP: $18.96
                        Sku: VF510
                        MSRP: $4.34

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                        71 products found