About XR Brands

XR Brands is the industry's first manufacturer to match expertise in fetish and BDSM with full-spectrum product development and design to create a series of fully merchandised collections dedicated to the lifestyle. Through modern functional design, quality, cost-effective production, and dynamic packaging and merchandising, XR Brands offers customers eye-catching and exciting brands at competitive wholesale prices. Since 2007, the company's award-winning team of experts has created best-selling and internationally acclaimed collections that cater to every sexual interest with a specialty in fetish and BDSM play. Offering retailers easy and effective ways to accommodate the needs and desires of consumers of every sexual level and lifestyle.
XR Brands has come a long way since its 2007 debut, growing from a handful of niche and specialty collections into one of the widest arrays of fully merchandised brands in the industry. They have catered to every in-demand, underserved, and profitable category in the business with competitive pricing, strategic marketing integration, and the kind of expert customer service that helps make our customers’ jobs just a little easier.
With its roots in retail, XR Brands understands what shoppers want and delivers it with expert design, eye-catching packaging, dynamic merchandising, and a competitive pricing structure that makes it accessible to the masses. As one of the first in the industry to allow customers to write reviews on their product experiences to help others make a better buying decision, XR Brands has a long history of listening to user feedback and curating items and brands that suit consumer demand.
This commitment to constant improvement has led to top quality products that can be seen with increasing frequency across various media platforms. This includes magazines like Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health, TV shows on networks like HBO and Netflix, and social media platforms like Instagram and Reddit. Over the years, XR Brands has relocated for expansion four times, and now boasts more than 40 brands and upwards of 3,000 individual products available with more innovation always on the way.

Commitment to Education

In 2012 XR created XR University, a free online educational show that showcases our top-rated products in action. With over 100 episodes and millions of views since its inception, our community has been able to watch and learn in order to be able to create safe and sensual kink spaces. In addition to monthly episodes featuring discussions and demonstrations of a different element of kink, the XR University platform also houses a multitude of educational content such as a BDSM terminology glossary, how-to guides for various products, and editorials about various aspects of the lifestyle.

Award-Winning BSDM

Over the years our websites, brands, products, and staff have received numerous awards from various international industry leaders such as AVN, XBiz, Store Erotica, and SIGN. A few previous wins include the prestigious AVN Hall of Fame award for pleasure products and XBiz Fetish company of the year. Most recently, they brought in the Sex Toy Manufacturer of the Year award at the EroFame International Erotic Trade Fair.